Method - Brainstorm session


A brainstorm session is a method to collect information on stakeholders in order to identify them through a group discussion. With this method a pre-determined topic can be discussed in-depth and information on the stakeholders perspectives and interests can be collected. It is a way to reach a good understanding of the stakeholders views.


Collect information on stakeholders interest and perspectives to be able to identify stakeholders.

Guidance on performing this method

  • Adequate preparation is needed:
    • decide on issue to discuss in the group, who to invite and how to stimulate discussion.
    • A skilled facilitator is needed for the brainstorm session
    • A room with facilitation materials is needed (e.g. flip-chart)
  • Brainstorm session to be held
  • During the brainstorm session a report on the session is useful in order to structure the collected information on the different stakeholders perspectives and interests, and issues discussed.
  • A stakeholder identification can be made based on the collected information during the brainstorm session.


  • Efficient in use of time and budget
  • Possible to reach group consensus over stakeholder categories
  • Particularly useful for generating data on complex issues that require discussion to develop understanding


  • A skilled facilitator is required to guide and stimulate a good discussion with the participants. This is needed to collect the range of different views from the various people in the group.
  • This method is less structured than other available methods.


References to be fully worked out (Tara)

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Further reading

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