Frequently encountered challenges
This page presents supportive pages ordered by their relevance for solving a number of typical challenges of the urban adaptation process.

The topics that will be under this heading are not decided yet, but could contain:
  • How to establish stakeholder involvement
  • How to track progress in climate adaptation in the light of many, parallel activities
  • How to use the decision framework with the Mayors adapt and climate adapt questionnaires
  • Making economical appraisals in deciding on climate adaptation
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Integration of climate adaptation measures with health, greening the city, safety and other municipal tasks (mainstreaming)
  • Implementing Nature-based solutions
  • Engaging multilevel goverance (and financing) to get projects implemented
  • Getting the right information (that is useful in the local context)
  • Identifying and involving the right stakeholders
  • Governing complex co-creation projects
  • Identfying the right means of financing